GRIZZLY – New version

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New! Available as from now with A-B-S sponge!

New version: Very good disruptive effect, astounding control!


GRIZZLY is now also available with the slow sponge of our A-B-S rubber.

This combination offers remarkable playing characteristics:

The topsheet of GRIZZLY still produces a very good spin reversal on topspin balls with a lot of rotation. Also the ball bounces very low on the other side of the table.

The special sponge of A-B-S with dampening effect reduces the speed of the rubber considerably and offers a remarkable control.

This new version of GRIZZLY still enables aggressive attacking shots through pushing and lifting.

The rubber is available as from now in red and black with the following sponge thickness choice:
* 1.2mm
* 1.5mm
* 1.8mm

The version with 1.2mm sponge is yet again the slowest and thus the most effective for short blocking close to the table.
The versions with 1.5 and 1.8mm also produce a decisive disruptive effect while blocking however they offer even better attacking possibilities through aggressive pushing and lifting.


  • Category: Rubbers / Anti-Topspin
  • Availability: In stock
  • Price in Euro (€): 46 €
  • Price in Dollars ($): 64 $
  • Price in Francs (CHF): 61 CHF
  • Price in Pounds (£): 41 £
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