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Sản phẩm đã ngưng sản xuất và được thay thế bằng SUPER BLOCK EXTREME với nhiều tình năng độc đáo hơn


Super Block: Maximum effectiveness for short blocking

Maximum spin reversal in all playing situations

Very good control

Deadly blocks and wobbling returns

Unpredictable returns wile pushing and lifting

This worldwide bestseller among long pimpled rubbers guarantees maximum spin reversal and wobbling returns. Its absolutely frictionless pimple surface is ideal for close to the table blocking and lifting. The ball can be placed short over the net.

Moreover you can attack chopped balls and produce wobbling returns.

Super Block also provides excellent control and spin reversal for defensive play.

  • Colours: red + black
  • Sponge: OX
  • Speed: 58
  • Effect: 85
  • Control: 75
  • Disturbing effect: 100+

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