DVD huấn luyện của Dr. Neubauer ver.2008

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Dr. Neubauer Table Tennis Technique DVD

This new table tennis technique video in DVD format includes 50 different techniques with Anti-Spin, long pimples with friction, half-long and short pimpled rubbers as well as defensive reversed rubbers.

20 of these techniques are being performed with our new Anti-Spin rubbersGorilla and Grizzly.
This video is especially recommended for all players using our new rubbers GorillaGrizzlyMonster Classic and Boomerang Classic.
The technical strokes are being performed with Alan Cooke (former European vice-champion) and Bastian Steger (Bronze medal at the World Championship and European Champion with the German team).The total running time is 96 minutes, the price is only EURO 10.00 plus postage.
The DVD is viewable in the following languages:

  • English,
  • German and
  • French
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