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Medium pimple rubber available in Red or Black, OX,1.0,1.5 or 2.0mm.

Gives the effect of a long pimple when blocking against topspin and enables the player to attack as if playing with a short pimple.

2.0mm is excellent for close to the table attacking, it is possible to flick almost any pushed ball. Control is outstanding for blocking against topspin with good effect being obtained. 1.0mm is still very good for close to the table play and is very disturbing when hitting.

Chopping is more float but it does depend a lot on what the opponent is doing.

  • Speed: 91
  • Spin: 63
  • Control: 93
  • Disruption: 90
  • Sponge: 0x/ 1.0mm/ 1.5mm/ 2.0mm
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