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After “Dornenglanz” has become one of the best selling long pimple rubbers worldwide we asked ourselves: How can we develop an even better rubber?

“Blitzschlag” is softer, more elastic and has superior control.

“Blitzschlag” is a little bit slower than “Dornenglanz” but has the same extremely high destructive effect. “Blitzschlag” can be used universally and thus is the best rubber for all playing styles.

Just like all SpinLord rubbers “Blitzschlag” has permanent ITTF approval.

Blitzschlag is an evolution of the Spinlord glossy buckthorn. The nature of the knobs heads is the same, but the rubber compound of the coating is another. The knobs of the lightning are softer and more elastic than the spike gloss. Also the knob structure is different, the distance between the studs is slightly bigger, but the knobs are a little broader.
Spinning: Blitzschlag is slightly slower than the spike gloss and control a bit higher.Especially the premiums thereby recording enemy falls a little easier. In the backspin defense of lightning is stronger than the spike gloss. The interference effect is about the same for both surfaces.
Spinning for the Blitzschlag talks but also the durability of the knobs.
Spinning The Lord Lightning is a very multi-way knob, only for the very offensive studs game there are better naps. Otherwise, all strokes are very possible with the lightning, especially the blocking close to the table. This coating is thus clearly the best long pimples on the market and definitely the ones you have tested “must.” the tempo of the coating we use slightly higher after careful onsideration as stated in our catalog so with 3 , 5

Technical Features:

  • Speed: 3.5
  • Spin:
  • Control: 7.5
  • Disruption Effect: 10

Summary: Ideal for all Shag looking for a shag with a very high interference effect, high and low speed control for a variable defensive play.

SpinLord is a new German brand founded in the year 2009 with the goal of setting a new standard of quality in table tennis. Other are more expensive- SpinLord is better!

Welcome to the table tennis brand of the future!

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