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You still haven’t completely frazzled your opponent’s nerve? You want event more power? If so, then we have just the right thing for you- Marder III for ultimate destruction through maximum spin + speed. The top-sheet is the same as for all Marder rubbers, but the sponge is significantly faster, more spin-friendly, and also softer.

Marder  III is not “ factory-tunerd” but nevertheless presents a strong, biult- in speed- glueing effect. Outstanding, in addition: Marder III is sticky and highly elastic. Thus, this rubber makes for spin values which were previously not possible!

The spin Lord Marder III is a byproduct of the development of the spin Lord Irbis, because it combines the developed for the Irbis sponge with strong built-in speed glue effect with the (still identical) top sheet of the marten.
The Marder III is therefore not quite reach the speed of Irbis is but even more because of the effet sticky rubber surface.
Not quite as fast as the Irbis but is still significantly faster than the Marder II, mainly the game will benefit from half-distance. In addition, the Marder III is also softer than theMarder II
In sub-section, block and counter balls of the Marder II Marder III is still superior. However, when it comes to a dynamic offensive game and topspin, the Marder III is clearly superior to the Marder II and other brands. the durability of the Marder III has proven to be just as good as the Marder II.

Additional information (1 to 5 star, the more the better for weight. ever more asterisks, the greater the surface) :

  • Weight: ****
  • catapult effect: *****
  • Durability: ****


Spinlord is a new german brand founded in the year 2009 with the goal of setting a new standard of quality in table tennis. Others are more expensive- SpinLord is better.

Welcome to the table tennis brand of the future

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