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Anyone looking for an extremely fast, but still lightweight offensive blade without a balsa core veneer, wood does not come to this pass – because there is no comparable worldwide timber. In addition, the Ultra Power still offers a soft and soulful ball stop as you would not expect in a timber this pace class.
Control values ​​are also exceptionally high, as the Ultra Power is more elastic than conventional offensive blades without balsa.
Spin Lord Ultra Power is a wood the ultra-luxury class for all players who seek and pay for something truly extraordinary can.
The outer veneers are made ​​from the finest Hinoki in a thickness of 1.0 mm. Among the outer veneer is used as aramid synthetic fiber core. Aramid is many times more valuable than carbon – the soft ball stop is due to this material especially.
‘s core veneer is made ​​from 5.0 mm thick Kiri. So thick are otherwise balsa core veneers.
would normally weigh a timber like this about 95 g. The trick: The handles, but nothing else really, are made ​​of solid balsa. Thus, the incredibly low weight of the timber is possible.
, the size of the impact area is approximately 155 x 152 mm. The Ultra Power is not nearly as top-heavy as many other offensive blades, but it is because of the handles made ​​of balsa not grip heavy, so the focus of the timber is moved to the middle. This, in combination with the art of aramid fiber core significantly enlarged optimum hitting area – the control of the timber thereby increases noticeably.
lord Spin Ultra Power is slightly slower than the Sword Final Strike, but faster than the rest of us offered timber. It plays “like on rails”, ie in every game situation the wood reacts as expected.
This wood is of course only suitable for aggressive offensive player. Allows these to an even higher pace to play without losing control.
Handles are normal. * The tempo value we put on something less after a long testing phase as specified in the catalog.

  • Hinoki outer veneer, core veneer Kiri
  • Veneer Number: 5, 2 aramid synthetic fiber inserts
  • In concave, straight or anatomic available

Technical Features: OFF+ Blade

  • Speed: 9.5
  • Control: 8
  • Weight: 80 grs
  • Handle type: AN/ ST


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