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SpinLord Zeitgeist (Spirit of the Times)

Revolutionary new long pimples for a blocking game at the table.

SpinLord Zeitgeist is the ITTF- approved alternative to frictionless long pimple out rubbers. Extreme destructive effect, flat ball flight curve, high control-

Zeitgeist is a dream come true for all players who use long pimple out rubbers. Deactivate with ease the spin applied by your opponent, place your blocked balls short and precisely, confuse your opponent with dangerous destructive ball returns- this all succeeds effortlessly with the Zeitgeist.

All players who use long pimple out rubbers can immediately and permanently improve the strength of their game with Zeitgeist!

Innovative, durable ITTF approved long nap. Zeitgeist The knobs are very thin and long and medium hard. The distance between the studs is (as in the Lion Claw) is extremely large. nubs The heads of the zeitgeist are ungeriffelt, but still very handy. The grip of this pin is significantly higher than for all other long pimples with unridged studded heads and even significantly higher than many long pimples with fluted knobs heads.

This novel nature of the knobs has the consequence that the knobs are very sensitive to incoming rotation in active dangerous game rotation variations are possible but. Although this knob is not quite as sensitive to rotation as the banned frictionless long pimples, but the improvement over previously available grippy long pimples is clearly noticeable. the Spin Lord Zeitgeist is an ideal long pimpled rubber for blocking close to the table and, like the frictionless long pimples without greater use of the wrist are played. Backspin defense is also very possible. The zeitgeist has a very shallow and dangerous ball curve in all strokes, the pace of this coating is in the lower range. The zeitgeist is slightly faster than the slowest grippy long pimples but significantly slower than the mass of these coverings. In addition, the zeitgeist is the slowest long shag with a harder rubber compound.

These factors combine to a long nap, which is easily controllable despite a very high perturbing effect. Many players are therefore able to play with the spin Lord zeitgeist without adjustment problems immediately successful.
Most players will probably prefer the slow ox version. In the version with this sponge pad is offered with a very soft, high-quality and fast medium sponge that allows the player an active and highly variable pimples.

Summary: Ideal for shag anyone who is looking for a slow and very controlled knob with good disruptive effect for blocking close to the table.

Technical Features:

  • Speed: 3.5
  • Spin:
  • Control: 7.5
  • Disruption Effect: 10

SpinLord is a new German brand founded in the year 2009 with the goal of setting a new standard of quality in table tennis. Others are more expensive- SpinLord is better

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