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SpinLord Stachelfeuer (Firespines)

Innovative, durable ITTF approved long nap. now only offered in ox!

Your opponent will want to avoid these spines- using this rubber you can effortlessly defend against any attack. SpinLord Stachelfeuer is a rubber with a completely new type of extremely slow long pimples. Frictionless long pimple out rubbers are a thing of the past- now you can have Stachelfeuer! Control which did not exist before, combined with a high destructive effect, now make possible a variable defensive game both directly at the table and also from a middle distance.

Knobs are very long and thin and very soft. The distance between the studs is great, but not quite as extremely large as in the zeitgeist.
The knobs heads are ungeriffelt, but still very handy (the knobs heads of Zeitgeist and sting fire are to the surface finish identical). The grip of this pin is significantly higher than for all other long pimples with unridged studded heads and even significantly higher than many long pimples with fluted knobs heads.
This novel nature of the knobs has the consequence that the knobs are very sensitive to incoming rotation in active dangerous game rotation variations are possible but. Although this knob is not quite as sensitive to rotation as the banned frictionless long pimples, but the improvement over previously available grippy long pimples is clearly noticeable.
spinning The Lord sting fire is an extremely slow long nap. Although this pad is slightly faster than many of the banned frictionless long pimples, but the pace of this coating is significantly below all previously offered grippy long pimples. The spin Lord sting fire can be optimally used for both blocking close to the table, as well as to undercut defense.Compared with the zeitgeist of the interference effect is somewhat smaller, but still very high. For this, the control values ​​of this coating are extremely high. To use the possibilities of the sting fire, but a closing of the clubface at block game is required. Due to the over the zeitgeist higher ball flight curve of this surface can not be played the frictionless long pimples as before with the same technique.
The Spinlord STACHELFEUER  is the first pad of a new generation of long pimples to the player despite a high interference effect absolute control and extremely low offer pace. Who is able to adjust his technique on this surface, will be able to permanently improve his playing strength. For players who are confident not change their playing technique, however, we tend to recommend the zeitgeist.

Summary: Ideal nub for all, which is an extremely slow and very controlled knob with good disruptive effect of a variable defensive play (both on the table and backspin defense) search.

Technical Features

  • Speed: 2
  • Spin:
  • Control: 8.5
  • Disruption Effect: 8.5

The SpinLord is a new German brand founded in the year 2009 with the goal of setting a new standard of quality in table tennis. Other are more expensive- SpinLord is better!

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