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New version of the popular wood! 
The pace of the wood is the same, but we have managed to develop a new veneer combination that offers an even more comfortable feel. At the same time leaves the original thickness of the wood, enabling high rotation values ​​in full.
The ball stop is slightly softer than the old version, but still a bit tougher than average. the Ultra Spin is our best ALL + / OFF- blade without balsa and without carbon and the optimal choice for players who prefer a variable, effect-heavy style of play.
Ultraspin: This is slightly top-heavy and relatively stiff. The size of the impact area is approximately 155 x 152 mm. The wood consists of 5 veneers, there are the Koto outer plies of veneer and the core of ayous.
Handles fall from normal size. As with the Ultra round due to these are attached to the handle end of the foam even better in the hand than conventional handles.
Ultraspin: This is designed so that it can be easily combined with really all kinds of toppings. However, please note that it is for a mostly passive style of play already too fast, but this wood tends more to the offensive blade as an allround wood. lierferbar This wood is straight, concave or anatomic handle.

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