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SpinLord Dornenglanz (Radiant Thorn)

The SpinLord “Zeitgeist” and “Stachelfeuer” have been immensely successful. Now SpinLord has developed a new, even more dangerous long pimple rubber. “Dornenglanz” (Radiant Thorn) is a soft, simple to play long pimple rubber with an extremely high destructive effect.

An innovative pimple surface and extremely thin pimples make this possible.

“Dornenglanz” can be used universally and thus is ideal both for a blocking game at the table and for an undercutting defense. Just like all SpinLord rubbers, “Dornenglanz” has permanent ITTF approval.

Dornenglanz is a totally new long pimpled rubber that is not based on other long pimples, but on sticky knob-rubbers. An important characteristic of this coating is sticky and slightly reflective surface of the studs. Important: This coating was offered exactly as we had now submitted and approved the ITTF, the knobs of the spike gloss are extremely thin and also far apart. The knobs are medium hard with a tendency to slightly soft and elastic.
The new studs surface makes the spike gloss as grippy (the spike gloss, although the knobs are knurled grip than other long pips) that the thin knobs are easily playable.Simultaneously bend these very quickly and are thus very dangerous.
Moreover, the stickiness of the pile surface absorbs a lot of speed in the passive blocking.
these factors are the secret of the spike gloss and have made ​​this surface in recent months to our successful long nap at all.
The great strength of the spike gloss is the universal applicability. Conventional long pimples have distinct strengths and weaknesses.

The spike gloss is indeed absolute best in any area, but in every area really very strong. Block game, backspin defense, attack – all easily and effectively control values, at very good and very good disruptive effect. It may occasionally be pimples that are still dangerous, but this nub is by far the best Allroundnoppe and “bottom line” most players will play with this knob more successful than before.
The pace of this coating is ox slightly above Zeitgeist and sting fire, the spike gloss thus belongs to the medium-fast long pimples.
direct comparison to the spin Lord zeitgeist of the spike gloss is definitely even more dangerous.
The spin Lord spike gloss is not playing like a smooth long nap. This is not feasible with legal methods. The spin Lord glossy buckthorn is designed for players who want to play successfully with a grippy long nap than was previously possible. But also players who have previously played frictionless long pimples quickly cope with this rubber, because the spike gloss can be played without greater use of the wrist.
Contrary to the spirit that is ideal for just a passive blocks on the table, is the spike gloss but in active flapping particularly effective.

Summary: Ideal nub for all who are looking for a shag with a maximum spin reversal. In comparison to the lightning a bit harder, faster and a bit dangerous.

Technical Features:

  • Speed: 4.5
  • Spin:
  • Control: 7
  • Disruption Effect: 10



SpinLord is a new German brand founded in the year 2009 with the goal of setting a new standard of quality in table tennis. Other are more expensive- SpinLord is better!

Welcome to the table tennis brand of the future!

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