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This rubber combines very short, ribbed and conical shaped soft pimples with a soft and fast sponge. The SpinLord Degu is almost completely insensitive to incoming spin, but it can create much more spin compared to other pimple-out rubbers. So the main strength of this rubber is that it can also be used for topspins and chopping. In addition this rubber is highly elastic and has a very good built-in speed-gluing effect and therefore the resulting rather high speed that is ideal for controlled attacks. The SpinLord Degu is very easy to play and therefore also a good choice for all players who never have played a pimple-out rubber before.

Degu II combines the same top-sheet as Degu with a slower and harder sponge without any built-in speed-gluing effect. This makes the Degu II ideal for a defensive (in 1,0 mm) or  all-around (in 1,5 mm) game style. The short placement of blocked and return balls, and also undercut balls succeed effortlessly. Degu II is also more dangerous then Degu, but weaker in looping.

Speed: 7 Spin: 8.5 Control: 9


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